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: Dispensing Systems

Highly Accurate Dispensing Systems.
Adjustable to all dispensing needs.

EcoFill Proportioning & Dispensing Systems combine adaptable design flexibility with the latest dispensing technology, creating a very user-friendly system designed to deliver maximum accuracy and overall cost savings.

System features and benefits:

Environmentally conscious: reduces errors in dilution and disposal to the minimum necessary for the application.

Safety conscious: reduces exposure to concentrate cleaning solutions. Assists risk management by reducing potential for liability claims (American Society of Safety Engineers 1055b Approved).

Space saving design: requires less wall space.

Unique lockable four-gallon concentrate bracket: allows for convenient placement and configuration.

Patented selector valve: provides lowest cost multi-product system with the flexibility of multiple dilutions of one or more products.

One-hand bottle activation: safe and sure for maximum efficiency.

One-hand bucket fill allows for easy filling of buckets and scrubbers.

Multipurpose use: versatile high or low flow units for bottle to automatic scrubber filling.

Worker safe: non-touch bottle fill valve, no concentrates to switch, lockable and easy to operate with proper training.

Easy to install: unique mounting brackets allow for quick and easy installation on any wall surface.

Portability: units can be mounted on cart for use in remote locations.

Series 100: EcoFill2 Dispensing Systems

EcoFill2 Dispensing System with Lockable Cabinets:

The EcoFill2 Dilution System has a sleek design and enhanced color scheme that provides a modern appearance in any housekeeping environment plus multiple features to enhance productivity and dispensing flexibility. EcoFill2 offers the convenience of 1-handed bottle filling and bucket filling activation. Its modular design allows the dispensers to be used with or without locking cabinets and with or without selector valves for the ultimate flexibility from 1 to 8 product options.

EcoFill2 features:

• One-hand bucket fill allows for easy filling of buckets and scrubbers.

• One-hand bottle fill allows operator more flexibility when filling spray bottles.

• Action Gap and Air Gap backflow options to meet local plumbing agency requirements.

• Sleek design and enhanced color scheme to present modern appearance for end user accounts.

• Snap-together selector valve design reduces number of components from 14 to 5, and eliminates all metal components resulting in a maintenance free selector.

• 1 gallon-per-minute flow control disc improves dispensing accuracy with ultra lean dilutions as compared to other dispensing systems.

• 1-gallon (3.78L) locking enclosures are available to customize a solution for your needs.

• Modular design allows any number of cabinets to be coupled together.

• Built-in hinges improve cabinet durability.

• Molded drip tray snaps into locking enclosure.

Info Sheet Wall Chart Installation Manuals

Info Sheet

Series 100
Wall Chart

EcoFill2 Bottle/Bucket Installation Manual

Series 100: Cabinets, Wall Racks & Accessories



EcoFill2 Lockable
Single Gallon Cabinet


EcoFill2 Lockable
Dual Gallon Cabinet




EcoFill Wall Rack holds (4) - 1 gallon concentrate bottles. Includes a lock bar and installation instruction sheet.

EcoFill Wall Rack
Mounting Instructions


Spare parts and accessories are stocked to support all dispensing systems.





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